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The New York City apartment rental market moves very fast. Our Rental Guide will address the current fundamental points about finding and getting approved for an apartment with us. 

Our Requirements 
​We require that you earn 42 times the amount of the monthly rent and that you have a good credit history. Income can be combined between the two or three applicants in order to reach the amount needed. 

Most leases run on a yearly basis with some offering longer time frames (2 years).   If you have a pet please make sure to inform us as you are required to familiarize yourself with and sign a "Pet Rider." 

Necessary paper work you will need to provide
​- Letter of employment and salary verification (must be on a company letterhead)
- Two recent bank statements
- Names and phone numbers of your previous landlords
- Copy of two recent pay stubs- Copy of first two pages of last year’s tax returns
- Identification with photograph (Driver’s license or passport.)  

When applying for an apartment all applicants are expected to pay a credit check fee of $35.00, a credit check will then be made and your financials will be checked. Upon approval of your application (which may take up to 7 business days), you are expected to pay: First month’s rent and one month security deposit.

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