1633 BROADWAY - 46 Floor 

NEW YORK, NY 10019

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Gym Facility

​​Triumph Property Management offers our tenants a fully equipped fitness center.  Gym usage is limited to tenants only, on a first come first served basis.
•    24 Hour surveillance system 
•    24 Hour unlimited access to the gym
•    Cable TV
•    Versatile Equipment to customize your work out
Building Amenities
​Triumph Property Management is determined to find and maintain new ways to make our buildings more appealing to both existing and potential tenants.  We offer a fully equipped fitness center, laundry facilities and individual fully enclosed steel storage units.  We are constantly striving for improvement and better quality of living.  
Storage Facility
There are fully enclosed, individual steel storage units located in the basement/ground floor of our buildings.  This gives our tenants an amenity of having an on-site storage facility with 24 hour access.   These units are available for rental on a month – to – month basis.  Each unit comes complete with a sliding steel bolt lock, a chrome hanging rod, and a fire resistant raised floor.  They are excellent for storing seasonal items, bicycles and clothing.  To reserve your unit contact our office.
Laundry Facility

​We offer on site laundry facilities.  For your convenience we provide value cards to use in the laundry machines that are located in the basement/ground floor of our buildings. Value must be added to the card before use. Card machines are located in each laundry room. Please follow the instructions on the machine.